Friday, June 5, 2015

[GET] YT Cards`

[GET] YT Cards`

YT Cards` by Ray Views Review and download – This is More than Just Training!

YT Cards` by Ray Views review

In case you don’t know already, YouTube has added an awesome new feature that every person working on the internet needs to be using. This new feature is called YouTube Cards, and it is a very powerful marketing tool for affiliate marketers, product developers, local businesses and even anyone that’s doing entertainment videos. YouTube Cards is essentially like linked annotations for the future. Why is this so important? Well because while annotations are awesome, YouTube Cards fixes some major holes, such as the ability to work with mobile devices. It also gives you the ability to change the card, so it’s awesome for local businesses offering limited time specials! As with all YouTube tools, it can be a bit complex for many, which is why Ray The Video Guy decided to put together what I believe is the world’s first ...
[GET} YT Cards`

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